September 10, 2014 Press


What are the new initiatives of the company?

For future programs, ALKAN proposes the latest available weapon ejection technology: the Cold Gas System. As of today, existing weapon ejection power supply is generated by the controlled explosion of two pyrotechnic cartridges. This combat proven solution had been developed in the 50’s during Vietnam War, but imposes a too heavy maintenance effort as well as the safe handling of pyrotechnic components.

The ALKAN cold gas newly developed concept is based on the use of a rechargeable Nitrogen-inert -gas cylinder to replace these pyrotechnic components. This concept provides a maintenance free system with better ejection performances and low reaction on aircraft structure. This concept is now in operational use and combat proven on A/C as RAFALE and GRIPEN.- aeroindia 2017 show daily, web 

Mounted on more than 60 different aircraft including Mirage 2000 and world leader on light combat aircraft, ALKAN look forward to continue their cooperation with the Indian industry for the development of tomorrow’s domestic aircraft. - aeromag 2014, web